Such an exciting week...

As some may know from seeing the posts from last week. was interviewed by Morgan Dean, from 8News for a segment called "Made in RVA". It was very exciting to be featured and to have a news anchor come out to my home to meet me and to see what all the fuss was about with the balms we are making. Its due to air on Oct. 11th in the am.

It was very nice shooting the segment. Morgan is a very friendly and easy to talk. He made me very comfortable. So much so that I was acting just like myself. ( GOOD GRIEF--LIKE MYSELF) I think I even punched him in the arm at one point as I blast laughed at something we were talking about. (SMH)

It wasn't till later in the evening when I realized the events of the day. NEWS ANCHOR! IN MY HOUSE! Yes, I ran around to everyone at home saying that for about 15 minutes, I got dizzy and needed to sit down, because it was my wishes meeting reality, and my mind was BLOWN!

But as I reflected on the events, I recalled that my husband and I pray about our family, friends and business daily for guidance, protection and that His will be done in our lives.  I know that it was His Almighty hand that guided the press release, as I prayed a personal prayer prior to sending it out. I know that it was the Holy Spirit that guided that email/piece of paper and softened the hearts of those who saw and read our story in our press release that brought about our company being recognized at this time. We have been, and are truly blessed by our Heavenly Father each and every day. We are grateful for these and all the other blessing we have received. And I say this in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.