To Blog or not to Blog that is the question...

I like to chat. But I don't like to talk just to hear myself talk. So do I start a blog?

Would anyone care to read it? Would people get mad and say mean things? Would I really care?

I do like to share great ideas with others, and I HAVE to be creative. I used to think I was just "crafty", until my son Gary helped me to see I was actually an artist that worked in unconventional mediums.That was the first time I remember learning from him. I am sure there were other times, but that was the first time I remember learning from him.

So in the about us I may have mentioned we started this company by accident, really. A few random bursts of creativity here and there and the next thing I know the dining room table is covered in my creativity and I had to file income tax on income, which then required sales tax on the income for the items that sold...and well here we are.

I want to do something fun on Facebook....but I'm scared. I thought of something I think is fun. It would probably be personally humiliating, but someone told me that when your trying to be funny you end up not being funny. 

Anna just found out I started a blog page on, she doesn't seem happy.

comment if you want. This is probably a random rant and will be deleted anyways.