Buttercup Balm now at a local boutique

What an exciting time! I love getting out to events in the local area. It is very exciting to see people's reaction to our products, especially when we tell them that we have 68 flavors of lip balm.

It's so fun to see their expressions change when they walk up to the table to find out what we are about, and all the fun scents we have in our soap line. We smile with humble gratitude as interested seekers sniff to find the perfect scent they simply have to have.

This adventure we have undertaken, by accident really, has been one of self discovery. I originally started by making things I wanted for myself and it has quickly grown as I have shared my interests, curiosity and talents with others. I say that because I make things I like, and as it happens, other people like the same things as I do.

So one day I did this scary thing. I walked in to a boutique and asked to talk to someone incharge of merchandise. As it happens, I was speaking to one of the owners! At that point, my mouth went dry and my lips were sticking to my teeth and I was trying to talk. I am sure it was quite obvious I was nervous. Well, he expressed interest and gave me his wife's card, so that we could schedule a meeting to discuss my products.

So the Christmas Holiday of 2017 was steam rolling though my calendar and theirs. Then a little email and phone tag ensued. Then my husband said, "Just load up the car with your samples and go over there". So I did, and Jesus smiled on me. The wife was there and agreed to see me for a few minutes.

Grandma always said, "The Lord helps those that help themselves." I ran to my car and carried my collection of samples to the back work room where I had a few minutes to make a quick pitch about my products. Once again, my mouth dried up and my lips stuck to my teeth. But I got the words out...I quickly showed her all the items I make and sell at vendor and craft fairs. 

She liked what she saw! She said we could give it a try. I left her with some products for her and her husband to use themselves. I told her that I know I make a great product. I want you to know I do too.

Then the time flew by as I looked for display ideas, sign ideas, ran reports to see my popular flavors and scents. Then just as I was finishing up my "Starter Set" planning, she called me back to let me know we needed to get this ball rolling.

I was ready, or so I thoughts. I put together a modest introduction sampler for her store. Sent pictures. She liked them. Then when we spoke she said double everything, I need more incase it starts selling quickly. **MIND BLOWN**

So I quickly collected more soaps, and more lip balms and made ready for my appointment the next day to bring my product to her store.

Well that delivery was made today! Buttercup Balm is officially in a store! And a lovely store it is too...Belle Cottage in Mechanicsville, VA

Go. Do. Be.

GO, don't sit and wait, go! DO. Do something, anything. Be brave and you can BE what you want to be.

This excitement will sustain me for several days, if not weeks, I am sure.