Sweet Lavender Essential Oil Balm

Sweet Lavender Essential Oil Balm

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Our balm is made from a Food Grade, Steam Distilled essential oil and blended with our Triple Butter Balm Base. Essential oils should not be used undiluted, which it why we blend them into our balms for easy and convenient use. 

Some general information about Lavender Essential oil:


Lavandula officianalis (angustifolia)

Balancing, Relaxing, Soothing

 Floral, clean scent, Lavender is known for its calming effects and healing properties.
Lavender is also antiseptic, antifungal, analgesic & anti-inflammatory.
Lavender is more than just a pretty scent - it’s a powerhouse of nature! Possibly the most widely used essential oil, Lavender has been used for thousands of years - evidence even shows that the ancient Egyptians used lavender in their mummification process, and some legends suggest that lavender was discovered in the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve. Whatever the truth of its origins, we know lavender has been revered throughout history for its many therapeutic benefits, and of course for the heavenly scent that you already know and love.
Topically*: Lavender has long been used to promote healing of minor skin irritations, minor burns and sunburns, and dry skin. It is has also been shown to relieve sore muscles, to reduce swelling, and increase circulation. Massaging into the temples to relieve sinus pressure and headaches, and to reduce tension is a common use of Lavender oil.

Aromatically: Inhaling Lavender has been shown to improve mood, lower blood pressure, increase concentration and cognitive performance, and promote overall relaxation and more restful sleep.

Blends well with…
Peppermint and Eucalyptus for respiratory issues, headaches, sniffles and more
Lemongrass to combat inflammation
Lemon to promote energy and concentration
Cedarwood to promote rest and relaxation

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